CROSSROADS 2017: sea to shining sea (v2)

May, 2017

sea to shining sea (v2),
(S8) Monstra De Cinema Periférico, Coruña, Spain

Guest Festival

San Francisco Cinematheque was founded in 1961 by Bruce Baillie: that is why it is not surprising that it is an area of freedom and an inexhaustible source of inspiration, a wave of expansion that makes reverberate that cinema so important for us in that area of California. Entirely dedicated to experimental, auteur and avant-garde filmmaking, the Cinemateca has organized, since 2010, the Crossroads festival, which every spring exhibits and hosts the most stimulating recent cinema, and also recovers essential works. Its artistic director Steve Polta has managed to gather a selection of impeccable works, grouped in suggestive programs that expand the mind and feed the spirit. From the Bay of San Francisco, Polta brings us a piece of Crossroads through this program of enigmatic title, which he describes as: “Restless views of the new American century. Silenced voices of resistance speak across the rising tides and howling winds. Resilient speculative futures emerge from the dystopian present. Machine eye vision and a call to prayer”.

Acknowledgements: Steve Polta, Christine Metropoulos, AC/E Acción Cultural Española