In Honor of Ahed Tamimi

February, 2018

Source images:

Front: (1) Ahed Tamimi portrait. (2) Palestinian Flag. (3) Palestinian Banknotes.

Back: (1) Nabi Saleh Village, (2) Ahed Tamimi holding Palestinian flag. (3) Dome of the Rock, Islamic shrine located on the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem taken from 100 toman Iranian banknote. (4) 1927 Palestinian coin. (5) Palestinian Banknotes.

This banknote uses designs from old Palestinian pounds and images from news media to honor Ahed Tamimi, the 17-year-old Palestinian activist and freedom fighter who is currently being detained by Israeli forces. On December 15th, 2017, two IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) soldiers that were stationed in Nabi Saleh entered Tamimi’s house to stop the protesters following the outbreak of riots in the area. Earlier at the protest, Tamimi’s younger cousin was shot in the face at a close range with a rubber-coated steel bullet, which severely wounded him.

Ahed Tamimi, her mother Nariman Tamimi and cousin Nour Tamimi stood up to the soldiers. Footage of the incident went viral. Ahed Tamimi can be seen pushing, kicking, and shouting at the soldiers, who do not respond to the provocations. All three were later arrested on December 19th. Ahed was indicted on January 1 for 12 charges including aggravated assault, interfering with army operations, incitement, making threats, and throwing stones. Israel’s military appeals court rejected Ahed’s request to have an open trial. Behind closed doors on March 22nd, Ahed agreed to a plea deal with Israeli Army prosecutors for 8 months jail time and $1,500 fine. There is an almost 100 percent conviction rate among Palestinians in military courts. There are no fair trials so best option often would be accepting a plea bargain. She pleaded guilty for 4 of 12 accounts. Ahed’s last words addressing the courtroom was “There is no justice under the occupation and this court is illegal.”

Ahed grew up in an environment that was a site for frequent protest against the Israeli colonial settler regime that has been expanding settlements in the West Bank Area.  Ahed and her family are well known and respected for their valuable contributions to Palestinian resistance in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh and beyond.


This banknote is available for sale. Half of the proceeds goes to Islamic Relief USA towards humanitarian relief in Palestine, and the other half covers production costs. For more information please email: 


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