I sees another I

April, 2007

In I Sees Another I, a 2-channel projection displays two images of a woman at the end of a tunnel, one dark and one light, pulling on a rope.

Her goal is unclear as she pulls as hard as she can to draw the rope towards her; towards the darkness in one case, and towards the light in another. The woman’s destination remains ambiguous as her struggle surfaces, gaining then receding, pulling over and over again in a cycle of success and disappointment. Hegel’s philosophy of self-consciousness plays out in what appears to be a futile cycle but in truth contains the saga of the woman’s two selves perpetually meeting and reckoning with one another.

The audience occupies the space between screens, so that the tension between her constructed identities – each side attempting to dominate the other – passes through the observer as the woman struggles to reckon with contradictory parts of herself.

exhibition view