Clash of Privilege

March, 2007

This 2-channel installation revolves around an instance of the absurd. On the right, a woman, dressed in a trench coat and looking incongruous to the environment, digs a hole. On the left, she fills it back up.

In Clash of Privilege, the myth of Sisyphus is called upon to explore humans’ futile search for meaning. The sense of absurdity brought out by this dual monitor piece applies both to the task at hand – a woman repeatedly digging and filling a hole – as well as to earthly life itself. The piece requires audience to interpret beyond the action and focus on the process. The quiet ritual conjures meaning by transcending its audience into a meditative state, surveying the artist as she displays the inner struggle for meaning.

The infinite cycle of such mundane labor brings forth the sense of being trapped in time and space, like Sisyphus rolling the rock uphill for eternity. Looping utilizes the experience of déjà vu; it builds an empathetic connection between the viewer and the subject matter: been there before, felt that before. Night never turns to day and she never quite leaves scene, a never-ending system of relativity.

exhibition view






video stills